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BESS in The Virgin Trial. Written by Kate Hennig. World premiere at the Stratford Festival 2017. 

"The Virgin Trial has a great, complex central character in Bess – a real break-out role for the underrated and totally original actress Watson. She has a girlish voice, but brings tremendous nuance to it – and, like the inquisitors, you may find yourself wondering whether her Bess is innocent or just skilled at playing innocent." GLOBE AND MAIL (2017)

"In this complex whodunit, the biggest mystery that Hennig explores is Bess herself, as played by Watson with an extraordinary combination of vulnerability and steel. Who can this young woman trust? Can we trust her? As Bess matures before our eyes, the bond between her and Catholic, tightly strung Mary is tested. The scenes between Watson and Farb are the production’s strongest, full of ironic humour as well as a very moving current of compassion." TORONTO STAR (2017)

"Watson is superb as Bess who, though speaking in an almost girlish voice, effortlessly glides through moments of supposed youthful naivety and sharply contrasting stretches of revealing dialogue, using physical movements to showcase her growing grasp of manipulative adult guile." STRATFORD BEACON HERALD (2017)


MASHA in The Seagull. Written by Anton Chekhov. Produced by the Canadian Stage 2015. 

"For my money, the performance that most captures that tone comes from relative newcomer Bahia Watson, whose Masha is lovably ludicrous and entirely original. Masha is a young woman in love with the tragically ridiculous artist Konstantin, son of Arkadina, and pursued by the comically sensible Medvedenko. Watson has so many funny physical moments of existential extravagance, flopping about like a rag doll and giddily doing shots, but hits it on the head right away with the way she delivers her famous first line. “I’m in mourning for my life – I’m unhappy,” she says, but adds a very modern upward inflection that turns the statement into a question, the big question..." GLOBE AND MAIL (2015)

"...especially, Bahia Watson ... interjecting a casual “fuck-you” into a story set in the countryside, far from Moscow, 135 years ago. It could have been today. Watson’s Masha, bored while sporting John Lennon glasses, was a highlight." MOONEY ON THEATRE (2015)


Co-star of Pomme is french for apple. Written by Liza Paul and Bahia Watson. Produced by paul watson productions. 

"Original, daring, and outrageously funny is how we’re describing pomme is french for apple. The sketch comedy show from Canadian actor/writer duo Liza Paul and Bahia Watson, is like nothing we’ve seen at this year’s fringe – a unique blend of clever slapstick and witty writing, discussing intimate details of womanhood from a West Indian perspective." FRINGE BISCUIT (2014, Edinburgh Fringe) 

"Paul tends to be the sweet, staid foil to Watson, who takes on the brassier roles. The boyish actress does a hilarious turn as a Bible-thumping preacher whose overheated imagery conflates sexual and religious ecstasy. And she also sets your head spinning as a traditional West Indian mother who launches into a tirade on the dangers of sex after her daughter (Paul) meekly asks if she can go on a date." GLOBE AND MAIL (2013, Young Centre for the Arts)


Telemachus in the penelopiad. written by margaret atwood. produced by nightwood theatre. 

"Bahia Watson is simply magical as Telemachus" TORONTO STAR (2012)

"Bahia Watson is a delight as her son Telemachus" NATIONAL POST (2012)

"As Telemachus, Bahia Watson conveys all the impatience and frustration of an adolescent boy." STAGE DOOR (2012) 


BENEATHA in A Raisin in the Sun. Written by Lorraine Hansberry. Produced by the Soulpepper Theatre Company. 

"Newcomer Bahia Watson is fantastic as Beneatha, the sassy 20-year-old student and most educated of the Youngers.  Watson alluringly conveys the sister Younger’s sarcasm and frustrations at being treated like an adolescent among a family of adults.  She continues to impress when her character takes a dramatic turn, after Walter decides the fate of the tuition money." SWAY MAGAZINE (2010)