this little diversiditty contains my notes on notes on theatre and entertainment demographics, however the sentiment could certainly be extended into other industries. my position of exhaustion around such conversation (as articulated in the title: to be honest i'm tired of talking about it) is not meant to convey an absolute uselessness of such conversations, but it is meant more to point towards my experiences.

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the rads weren't working. this is my story. @bahiawatson #bahiabahia #imfreezing #88days http://bahiabahia.bandcamp.com/

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BLOVE : an expression of my love of blackness. images from the film: U-Carmen eKhayelitsha (by Mark Dornford-May) a #bahiabahia ting. @bahiawatson www.bahiawatson.com www.bahiabahia.bandcamp.com

the pommetv channel is a virtual extension of our live show, pomme is french for apple.